20 08 2008

OK – haven’t written much in a while as I’ve been recovering from my 75 mile effort at Burning River.  If there’s one thing I HATE about ultrarunning, it’s that lovely “recovery” period after a race.  I think I could deal with recovery a little bit better if I had actually finished the damn thing.

I took a whole week off after my DNF, and the blow was softened by a stay with friends in the northern KY/Cincinnati area where I did some official shop time in a tattoo shop in the city (yes, I’m apprenticing right now – anyone want free tats?).  So that was fun.  But, when I got home, the first thing I wanted to do was run.  Luckily my coach is a sane person and realized I probably wasn’t quite ready to go out and do a 50K trail training run over the weekend.  He had me do a couple of 8 milers during the week, and I was slower than ever.  A 10 minute mile felt like speedwork.  Now that’s pathetic!  Reluctantly, he approved me to do a 15 miler over the weekend with my friend Jill up at Daley Ranch.

Saturday morning came and I was feeling enthusiastic and well-rested, ready to tackle my first “long” run since the race.  The first few miles went smoothly – good scenery and good conversation!  But at 8 miles, the familiar feeling of “Oh crap I need to run out into the woods NOW and dig a hole” hit.  After that explosive incident, both the terrain and my state of being went rapidly downhill.  By 12 miles I had to call it quits unless I wanted to leave some nasty souvenirs along the trail.  That night, I laid down on the couch at 8 pm to watch the women’s marathon on the Olympics and immediately conked out.  Woke up the next morning in my bed at 7 am with no recollection of getting up off the couch and going to bed.

My coach threatened impending doom if I didn’t go to the doctor on Monday morning to check out what was going on with the tummy drama.  Evidently, this sort of exploding stomach isn’t exactly “normal.”  I spent a couple of hours in the doc’s office waiting, only to be told that there’s not that much she can do since it’s IBS and I’m vegan so I’m just going to have more issues than most people.  Ahh.  That’s comforting.

In any case, I’m feeling better now after a couple of more nights of 10+ hours sleep and was able to do a half-hour of cardio and an hour of weights at the gym yesterday morning with an easy 8 mile run in the evening.  Hopefully, I’ll get that 15 miler in this weekend!  Can’t wait to get back to normal – whatever that might be!



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