Noble Canyon 50K+!

29 09 2008

Hey all – just ran the NC 50K+ over the weekend…you can read the report here!


Gotta have a life too…

21 09 2008

So it’s definitely been a while since I last updated my blog!  A lot of things have been going on, to say the least.  Probably the biggest change is that my husband took a one-year position out on the east coast and moved to Amherst, MA a few weeks ago; we’re trying this whole crazy long distance thing at the moment.  It’s hard, and it’s a big gamble.  I just put in my resignation notice at my job about two weeks ago, in hopes that hubby finds something permanent and full-time.  I’m planning to become an ultrarunner tattooing housewife, wherever he ends up finding work!

In the meantime, I’ve certainly been training hard.  I’ve formed my wishlist of races for the coming year:
Noble Canyon 50K+ (September 27)
OTHTC High Desert 50K (December 7)
Running from an Angel 50 mile (January 3)
PCT 50 mile (May 9)
San Diego 100 (June 6-7)

I’ll probably do one more race in between January and May, hopefully…

Next week is Noble Canyon.  I trained out on the course two weeks ago and had an extremely bad day.  One reason was because of some medication I was on for stomach issues.  Nothing like prescription meds that give you a headache, vertigo, and dehydration to make for a fun time on a rugged 20 miler in 100 degree plus heat.  Ugh.

Last week, I was able to see my husband up in northern CA; we both traveled for the weekend to attend his mother’s birthday party.  Being the dedicated albeit slow ultrarunner that I am, I wasn’t about to deviate from the 22 miler planned on my training schedule.  However, I wasn’t looking forward to it.  Why?  The course we had picked – while beautiful (we were staying in Placerville!) – was on a BIKE patch (talk about death) and would involve a couple of out and backs while adding a few thousand feet of elevation gain/loss each loop.  How boring.  However, the biggest thing holding me back was that I just wanted to see my husband.

I hit 13 miles and got back to the car, which I was using for aid, and saw Jason and just lost it.  There was NO way I was going to run another 9 miles when I could have been spending time with him.

So here’s the question: is it worth it when running becomes a chore and you lose time with your loved ones?  Where do you draw the line between discipline for a sport and sheer stupidity?  I felt so guilty that day – guilty for leaving Jason while I was running and then guilty for deviating from the all-too-sacred training schedule.  Which is probably incredibly ridiculous when you take into consideration that I’m never going to win an age group award, let alone a race.  Puh-leeaze.

I had a good conversation today on the trail with a running buddy who asked me, “If you’re not competitive, then why do you do this?”  I thought about last week.  I guess I run because I love it (obviously) – but I need to keep that balance in mind more often.  It’s all too easy to lose track of what’s really important, those relationships with others.  And if I do 13 miles instead of 22 one week, will the world really come to an end?  Seriously.