Dr. Robinson, Ultramarathoner, is otherwise known as Steph, the ultrarunning fanatic. I am one crazy lady – a devout Christian heavily tattooed musician-by-trade free spirit and apparent masochist with a Ph.D. (and a college professor!) who loves to run the gnarliest trails imaginable. Bring on the pain and suffering!

I’m not exactly known for my talent or a predilection to run trails with amazing agility. Rather, it’s the opposite case. I’m the one who most frequently does face plants in the dirt and I have absolutely no motor-coordination whatsoever. I tend to look like a real monster at the end of my runs due to lack of grace in my running form (I can do a very slow shuffle – I’m no gazelle), my size (I’m not some svelte skinny thing) and my being covered in a combo of mud, sweat and blood after about every run I finish (my husband won’t even hug me at the end due to the stench). I think part of my charm is that I love participating in endurance events despite the fact that I possess no natural athletic ability (check out my slow finish time below). But I probably have the most fun!

Finish line of the American River 50, April 2007

Finish line of the American River 50, April 2007


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